on february 23 we went to Lindås and dogshow where Zojoma's Libertè enter the ring and got Exc, 1 JKK, CK CERT and BOB       Judge Colm Beattie

IMG_2544 (2)


NKK BØ I Telemark

february 15 and 16 we took the trip to Bø and NKK dogexhibition   the weather on the mountaincrossing was nice enough but the view wasn't something to write home about   it was foggy, but hey...can not complain   

the cabin we rented was an older charming farmhouse   with old front and backdoor that just locked as soon as you closed them   and it didn't take long before we where locked out of the house   and ALL the keys where inside   luckily someone had opened a window on the second floor   but first we had to find a ladder   

IMG_2447 (2)

 to cut a long story short.... one of the keys hung outside for the rest of our stay at the farmhouse     

before grooming we took time to enjoy a walk and the moon above 


after gooming the dogs it was time to relax 


The dogshow lasted for two days and Mon Cher Ami Luciole de Bonheur Pour Zojoma and Zojoma's Libertè was entered 

We are happy for the results 

IMG_2464 (2)

Mon Cher Ami Luciole de Bonheur Pour Zojoma: Exc

Zojoma's Libertè : Exc 2JKK CK resCERT 

judge Gunilla Albrigtsen 


Zojoma's Libertè : Exc 1JKK

Judge Anne-Cathrine Unelsrød



Groomingday at kennel Zojoma

this has been a great groomingday at kennel Zojoma 

with help from Hjørdis at kennel Aylari 

she told why it´s so important to groom our dogs on a regulary basis  


she also told us how to handle the dogs so that they will enjoy the grooming 










Thanks to all of you for making this a great day   

and a big hug to Hjørdis for helping out 


Trip to World Dog Show 2018 Amsterdam


in a moment of madness we desided to enter WDS 2018   but now the madness really started   the search for a place to stay when in Amsterdam...Ok, to cut a story short...we ended up renting a house on AirBnB   but first we had to make a pitstop in Denmark, at our friend Inge's house   she and her to lovely dogs, Vigga and Sally, was jgoing with us to WDS 

In Denmark we wisited the beach


got a bite to eat while the dogs kept a  lookout


international food ....something for everybody 


and icecream to go 


it's a long roadtrip 


nice then to have a rest on the ferry between Denmark and Germany


Arriving in Amsterdam our host at the AirBnB house greeted us with a smile and Hemp-tea   the house was in a quiet neighborhood   the backyard was fenced in and the dogs couldn't escape or disturb the neighbors 


a windmill in the neighborhood is listed on the World Heritage List 


the beach is a playground for kiting 



We also booked a private boat trip on the canal with a company that allowed dogs 



 Inge og Sally enjoying the boat trip   

"The dancing houses"


every house on the canal has a lifting hook to lift goods into the house


the old system of water locks is still in use





NKK Trondheim

at the end of june the trip went to Trondheim and dog show there   

it's a long roadtrip but when the whether is nice and the scenery is wonderful time just fly by 


on the road to Borlaug   

and when you get to the mountain this is what meets you  

 Nice, isn't it? 

 we stayed at Scandic Lerkendal and Chili & Lucie enjoyed the windowpost looking out at the street 


and the results at NKK Trondheim?

Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4U2 Exc and res CACIB


Mon Cher Ami Luciole De Bonheur pour Zojoma Exc 


Judge: Svend Løvenkjær, Norway


NKK Bergen

was in april 2018 and this time we had a our friend from Denmark, Inge and her sweet dog, Sally, visiting and partisipating in the show   hopefully it won't be long until next time 

Congratulation to kennel Hannevig on their new Champion & Res Nordic Champion 

Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4U2 became 1,best male and Nordic Champion 


Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway

Also a big cheers for Mon Cher Ami Luciole De Bonheur pour Zojoma with CERT and Res Nordic Cert 


Congratulation to Grtet Engan and Spinstars Helga Hufflepuff BOB 


Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4U2 BOS & Spinstars Helga Hufflepuff BOB

judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway



DOGSHOW in Rogaland


Zojomas Kamelia 

is welcoming us to dogshow in Rogaland 

 It's a two days dogshow and the hotel we stayed at was a small dogfriendly hotel, called JÆREN hotell.  In spite of beeing booked by showpeople and their dogs it was amasing how quiet it was in the hotel, no barking and no angry guest   and no wall-to-wall carpet in the room   we just loved it 


and while someone is relaxing 

others are prepearing for tomorrow and show 


and the results? can not complaint     


Mon Cher Ami Luciole De Bonheur pour Zojoma BOB, BOB Junior


Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4U2 BOS

on day 1

judging by Benny Blidth Von Schedwin, Sweden




Mon Cher Ami Luciole De Bonheur pour Zojoma BOB, BOB Junior 

Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4U2 BOS

on day 2

judging by Arne Foss





by Easter most of the snow was gone and the dogs didn't have to plow through the snow   instead they could look for places to keep a lookout 


 and when the walks finish they know how to

chill in the sun 


Vaalebjønn's Jensemann enjoying the sun 



The snow decided to stay for a while   and our dogs just loved it 


and sometimes the snow is veeeeeery deep and the dog very small   but Chili know how to solve the problem 


Zojoma's Handsome Little Fellow 4U2 on the lookout    


The puppies are growing

and the whelpingbox is growing smaller day by day   and mom AMY is getting help from her mother and the puppies grandmother MOLLY 


three generations BF cuddling up together 

but the world outside the box is new and exciting   and a "powernap" is mandatory before a new adventure starts 




2017 is fading away

and we have had a wonderful time showing our dogs   and spending time with our friends   we'we been to Kristiansand, Bø i Telemark, Nesbyen, Norrkoping in Sweden, Bornholm i Denmark to mention a few   and Norrkoping was a strange place to be   why?? all the tents were placed so close together it was impossible to acsess your own without walking through your neigbours tent   litterly speaking   now, Bornholm was all different 


who's seasick?!?! Not me!! 

and all the space you needed around the tent   and dogs relaxing inside the tent 


we even got time for a little walk on the beach, Dueodden, enjoying the sun and the blue sky   


and we got some ribbons     

IMG-2388 (1)

Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4u2 Danish Champion & Zojomas Je Aime La Vie Danish Champion and BOS   

from Bornholm the journey went to Zagreb and Kennel Mon Cher Ami to pick up the new puppy

Mon Cher Ami Luciole De Bonheur Pour Zojoma 



Thank you so much for this wonderful puppy, Kennel Mon Cher Ami 

and on the long way back to Eikelandsosen, Lucie behaved like a "pro"   not complaining at all IMG_0108

well, just a little bit bored 



it's nice then, to be hunting for treats in the bags before bedtime 


Lucie has a wonderful temperament   she looks at the world as one big adventure, enjoying it all 

she's already been to her first show   it was in Bergen in september where she became BOB puppy   


we're looking forward to new adventures and meeting friends around the ring   


Winterwonderland has been canselled 

instead we got rain,rain and some more rain   luckily it stops just long enough for us to prepare our dogs for their first show this year   NKK Bø is a five hour drive from where we live, IF the wether is good and this time the sun were shining, the sky were blue and all the waterfall were frozen solid   


and we got time to relax and enjoy EDEL applecider   it was very nice that Zojomas Joyfull and her owner liked being with us   hopefully it won't be the last time enjoying their company   and we are very pleased with the results in the showring   most importently, all three dogs had a good time, enjoying their time in the ring 


 Zojomas Je Aime La Vie


Zojomas Joyfull

and they are relaxed outside the ring 


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the best bitches class   and espesially to our danish friend with a new NORWEGIAN CHAMPION title   


Zojomas Je Aime La Vie nr 3 and Zojomas Joyfull nr 4 in best bitches class 


November 2016

today we woke up to a little hint og winter, but by the time we got out in to the forrest, all that was left of the snow was a trail full of puddles   but our BF didn't mind at all beeing wet   they were to busy enjoying their walks ... running around...smelling deer...or mouse...or...who cares as long as the smell is there      but thei always got time for a photoshoot       


not now, mom! we're busy looking fabolous! 


Oktober 2016

a walk in the forreswt does have it's challenges   meeting people, dogs or scary trolls living in the small waterpond     


whatever the forrest holds of secrets our BF are loving their walks   Chili is running free,not caring if the sticks are sticking to him like glue       


luckily they are easily removed   or else we'de be forced to just go walking along the pavment, and that would be a little bit boring....according to our BF     

and after being cleaned they find themselv a comfy place to nap 

2016-09-24 15.13.30


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