The puppies are growing

and the welpingbox is getting smaller day by day   and mom AMY is getting help from  her mom and the puppies grandmother MOLLY 


three generations BF cuddling up together 

but the world outside the box is new and exciting   and a "Powernap" is mandatory before a new adventure starts 




2017 is fading away

and we have had a wonderfull time showing our dogs   and spending time with our friends   we've been to Kristiansand,Bø i Telemark, Nesbyen, Norrkoping in Sweden, Bornholm in Denmark to mention a few  and Norrkoping was a strange place to be   why? all the tents were so close together it was impossible to acsess your own without walking through your neighbors tent   literally speaking   now, Bornholm was all different   


who's seasick?! not me!!!

 and all the space you needed around the tent   and dogs relaxing in the tent 


we even got time for a little walk on the beach, Dueodden enjoying the sun and blue sky 


and we got some ribbons       

IMG-2388 (1)

Zojomas Handsome Little Fellow 4u2 Danish Champion & Zojomas J'aimee la Vie Danish Champion and BOS 

From Bornholm the journey went to Zagreb and kennel Mon Cher Ami to pick up the new puppy Mon Cher Ami Luciole de Bonheur pour Zojoma "Lucie" 


Thank you so much for this wonderfull puppy, Mon Cher Ami 

and on the long way back to Eikelandsosen, Lucie was a "pro"   not complaining at all 


well, just a little bit bored   



it's nice then, to be hunting for treats in the bags before bedtime 


Lucie has a wonderfull temperament  she looks at the world as a big adventure, enjoying it all 

she's already been to her first show   it was in Bergen in september where she became BOB puppy     IMG-2600

we're looking forward to new adventures and meeting friends around the ring   


Winterwonderland has been cancelled 

 instead we got rain,rain and some more rain   luckily it stopp just long enough for us to prepare our dogs for their first show this year   NKK Bø is a 5 hour drive from where we live, IF the weather is good and this time the sun was shining, the sky was blue and all the waterfalls was frozen solid   


 and we got time to relax and enjoy EDEL applecider   it was very nice that Joy and her owner, Gunnveig liked being with us  hopefully it wan't be the last time enjoying their company 

and we are very pleased with the results in the showring   most importingly, all three dogs had a good time enjoying their time in the ring   





and they are relaxed outside the ring 


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all in best bithes class   and espesially to our danish friend with a new NORWEGIAN CHAMPION title 


AMY Nr 3 and JOY nr 4 in best bitch class at NKK BØ i Telemark 2017 


November 2016

Today we woke up to a little hint of winter, but by the time we got out into the forrest all that was left of the snow was a trail full of puddles  but our BF didn't mind at all being wet  they where too busy enjoying their walks...running around, smelling deer, maybe.... or squirell or others dog or....  but they always got time for  photoshoot   


Not now,mum ! We're busy looking fabolous! 

Oktober 2016

Walk in the forrest does have it's challenges   meeting people, dogs or scary trolls living in small water puddles 


whatever the forrest holds of secrets our BF are loving their walks    Chili is running free, not caring if the sticks are sticking to him like glue         


luckily they are easily removed   or else we would be forced to just be walking on asphalt. ..maybe a little bit booring...according to our BF       

and after being cleaned they find themself a comfy place to nap     

2016-09-24 15.13.30